About Us

Lake Livingston Water Supply & Sewer Service Corporation (LLWS) was purchased out of bankruptcy from Oakridge Water Supply Company, with a Member-Owned Corporation being formed on April 1, 1997.

On May 21, 2004, construction was completed on our new headquarters facility located at 1930 North Washington in Livingston, Texas.

At the present, LLWS provides water to an estimated 7,000 customer accounts in 119 subdivisions, within seven counties. These services are provided by an employee base of forty, all headquartered out of the Livingston office.

LLWS's Monthly Board of Director's Meeting is held every 4th Thursday of the month, unless this falls on a holiday, at 10:00 am. If a regular meeting conflicts with a recognized holiday, the meeting will be held the Thursday prior to the holiday at 10:00 am.  LLWS's Annual Board Meeting is normally scheduled for the 4th Thursday evening of April . These meetings are conducted according to the Texas Open Meetings Act. Members are encouraged to come and acquaint themselves with how this water company functions.

The agenda for each meeting is filed at least 72 hours in advance with both the Secretary of the State and the Polk County Clerk. Once filed, copies of the agenda are posted in several places for accessible viewing by the public. The Secretary of State posts on its website, located at https://www.sos.state.tx.us/tac; The Polk County Court House displays the agenda on its bulletin board. LLWS posts on the glass door at the entrance to our lobby and at the drive-thru window; so that the public can view the Agenda at all times. Should the need arise for an Emergency Meeting, we follow the State of Texas' laws governing the scheduling and posting as well as the conduct within the meeting itself.

The election of the new fiscal year's Board of Directors is conducted during the Annual Meeting in April. Notices and Ballot Voting is mailed out in advance of the Meeting to our members in order to encourage participation in this important voting process.